How do you join the Speigletown Fire Company?


We are looking for new members who have the desire to serve their community either as a Firefighter or EMT. Or if you just want to help out your local fire department we also offer a Social Membership, where you help out at events, come to meetings and meet some great people.


To Apply or Check out the Company: 

You can complete the application and return it during our drill night; any Thursday evening between 7:00pm and 9:00pm. At the monthly Country Breakfasts (second Sunday of the month October - May), Or before/after our monthly meeting on the second Monday of the month between 7:00pm - 8:30pm.  Printed copies are also available for pick up during drill night, country breakfasts, or monthly meetings.  Completed applications can also be emailed to

Perspective members are welcome and encouraged to stop by during drill (Thursdays at 7 PM) to check it out before you decide to join.


We welcome all interested to join as there are many opportunities to help the community.

Firefighters (Active): 

Active members respond to emergency service calls (including fires, accidents, and EMS situations).  Active firefighters also participate in weekly drills, and monthly meetings, and social and fundraising events (breakfasts, calendar drive, etc.).  Active firefighters include Fire Police, who also help with traffic control and town events.  There are some benefits provided to active firefighters, by the company, district, and state.  Anyone under the age of 18 musthave parental/guardian consent to join

Jr. FireFighter:

Speigletown Fire Dept. also offers the option of Jr. Firefighters for students who would like to join but are under the age of 16. Jr. Firefighters are able to join at the age of 14, and are a vital part of the department. They will learn all about the department and what we do, to be fully prepared when it comes time to become a fully active firefighter or EMT.


Social members do not respond to emergency service calls.  They are invited to participate in social and fundraising activities (breakfasts, calendar drive, etc.), but attendance and participation are not required.