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History of The Speigletown District Volunteer Fire Company


In the summer of 1944, a group of men got together 
and decided that the Speigletown area needed a Fire Company. That same year, the 
group formed, met at the schoolhouse and elected its first officers. This was 
the conception of the SPEIGLETOWN DISTRICT VOLUNTEER FIRE COMPANY. Now that the 
Fire Company was under way, there was much needed money to be raised to fit up 
the Company with a pumper and a building.

In January and March of 1945, members and friends 
raised a total of $1,700.00 through a series of round and square dances. Also in 
March of 1945, this new group of firefighters, under the direction of its first 
Chief, Harrold Murphy, responded to the scene of a barn fire. The fire spread to 
the house which resulted in both the house and barn being completely burned to 
the ground. Without any equipment, the courageous group of men saved much of the 
furniture and household goods.

At last, in August of 1945, the Speigletown Fire 
Company purchased its first pumper for $5,700.00. The pumper was delivered in 
the spring of 1946 and by the fall of that year, the membership had grown to a 
body of 111 members.

The firehouse began to become a reality in September 
1946 as construction got underway by the membership. The site of the firehouse 
construction was on a lot at Milk's Pond and until the firehouse was completed, 
the pumper was housed in Irv Gordon's barn. Finally, the pumper and firemen 
moved into their new home on February 14, 1947 at the present location of 
today's modern and much expanded firehouse.

As time moved on, the need of additional 
firefighting equipment became apparent. In October 1947, the company purchased 
its first tanker. This was the beginning of the continued growth of the 
Speigletown Fire Company. In 1954, the tenth anniversary of the Fire Company, 
membership was a solid 150 members. By 1962, membership was at a high of 300 
members. As years moved on and the Fire Company matured, it experienced growth, 
change and modernization into its present lean, educated and better equipped 
Company, ready to serve.

When the Company celebrated its 50th anniversary in 
1994, the Speigletown Fire Company had a total active membership of 30, one 
tanker, two pumpers, a fully equipped EMS/Rescue truck and a modern station. Not 
too long ago, the station engine room was extended to house the new engine 
ladder truck. The Company now houses a brush truck, engine ladder, pumper, 
tanker, and a tactical unit trailer. Membership is at about 35 with a compliment 
of trained EMT's, highly trained and skilled fire fighters, safety officers and 
a full squad of fire police.

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