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Controlled Burns

Have Brush you are looking to Burn?  Please review the following information before any open burn to prevent us from being called.


1. If you are planning to burn brush, please make sure it is away from combustible structures, and away from trees.


2. Please call the Rensselaer County Dispatchers (518-270-5252) to inform them of when you plan to burn, the location, and the approximate duration of your burn.  DO NOT call the fire station or the fire chief directly.


3. Burning of leaves, household trash, construction or hazardous waste are all prohibited year-round.  Open burning of brush or agricultural debris is prohibited from March 16th - May 14th every year.

If we are called and the fire is deemed out of control/unsafe, or you are illegally burning anything, we will be required to put the fire out, and DEC may be called.

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