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How to update your contact and emergency contact information in I Am Responding (IAR)

1.Log in to I Am Responding through any web browser ( ), and clicking the Log in button in the top-right of the webpage.

  • Agency Login is: SFD7993

  • Your username was created when your account was first set up.

    • If you forgot your username, it can be found in the app: by clicking the

3 bars in the top-left -> My Settings -> User Profile -> Mandatory Fields

  • Your password was also set up when the account was first created, if you have forgotten your password, please use the password recovery by clicking the Can’t Sign in? button, and enter the email attached to your account.

    • If you forgot which email is connected to your IAR, it can be found in the app: by clicking the

3 bars in the top-left -> My Settings -> User Profile -> Contact Information

  • Instructions on resetting your password will be sent to your email

  • You may have to log into the app on your phone or table again, after resetting your password.


  • Check the box for Remember me for this session, before clicking Log in


2.  The webpage should look like the board in the engine room.  Click Administrative Functions above the “Now Responding” list.


3.  Select Edit a Member from the left-hand side menu


4.  Choose your name and click Edit Member


5.  Scroll down to Emergency Contact Information and update the information for your two emergency contacts.

  • You can also update your email and contact phone #s if they have changed.

  • DO NOT change your Text Message Address, as that may prevent you from getting future text alert for calls and messages.


6. Click Update at the bottom of the screen when done.



*If you are using the new Dashboard, click the icon of your initial in the top-right corner, and select Edit Profile.  This will bring you to step #6 above. 


If you require help please contact the chiefs Office or Justin Golub for assistance.

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